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Racks help you keep all your ski equipment together and function as a great convenience when needing to transport bikes, skis or boards. Get these best in all ski equipment at Ski and Sports Shack for all your winter sports and outdoor sports adventures.


Make your life easier when having to carry more equipment than your two arms can handle by purchasing a quality sports rack. You’ll never have to fuss with handling all your ski equipment or sports equipment when hitting the great outdoors when you have something that helps you organize and keep everything in order.


Transport and carry skis, snowboards, bikes, plus so much more sporting equipment with great, quality, multipurpose racks.


Ski and snowboard racks are a good way to carry your skis and snowboards on the roof of your car or SUV instead of taking up precious cargo space inside. These racks hold multiple pairs of skis or snowboards in the locking rubber coated arms. Open style ski and snowboard racks like this are typically easier to get your skis and snowboards in and out of than a roof top box.

Additionally, the ski and snowboard racks are generally lower profile which leaves you with better overhead clearance than a box would provide. In turn, these racks aren’t as detrimental to gas mileage as a box or soft top carrier would be. You can also store and organize sporting equipment in your garage or basement with these racks from Ski and Sports Shack.


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    Our Team is not new to the sport of nordic skiing. In 1972 Brian moved to Mammoth Lakes, California and subsequently opened a bicycle shop in town. A few years later he added cross-country skis to his sporting goods store, and is now the premier nordic shop in town. Julie hails from the east coast and learned to nordic ski in high school, and competed at the Division 1 level while in college.