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Paddle Boards

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Stand Up Paddle Board or SUP

Getting on a paddle board is not just a recreational sport - it's a way of life! The sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) began in Hawaii and has taken the mainland as an alternative to kayaking and surfing. Paddle boarding is an easy way to get on the water.

The big difference between a SUP and a traditional surfboard is that the paddle board is wider and more stable. The fin structure of the SUP board allows for ease of maneuverability over waves, but is also stable on flat water. For further stability, SUP boards feature a large traction pad that decreases the odds of slipping off of the board. The pad is also great for individuals that are just getting into paddle boarding, because it gives the opportunity to comfortably gain your balance by practicing on your knees. 


There are two types of paddle boards, you choose which best suits your lifestyle. One is an inflatable paddle board.  This packs up tight and can be transported easily no matter where you go - on the plane, as a back pack, walking down to the beach or river, and it fits in the trunk of a car easily.  The other looks more like a longboard surfboard and does not fold up and you need to have a roof rack or some way to transport it. 


Inflatable SUP Paddle Boards

For the person with the active lifestyle but a small car, an inflatable paddle board may be a great choice to start with.  The kit comes with a backpack and a pump so you can quickly inflate it where ever you end up.  We find a lot of people like to hike to remote lakes and not so easily reaches of rivers. The inflatable SUP boards allow you to go where others can't.  It is also great for vacations - just check it in as luggage and you can get on the water where ever you land!


Traditional SUP Paddle Boards

A traditional SUP board is generally more stable and easier to manage, particularly if you are surfing the waves. Consider investing in a roof rack if you don't have a vehicle large enough to transport it from the inside of your car.

SUP boards come in different shapes and sizes, and can be used for different purposes and experience levels. Some are designed for surfing, other for flat waters, even some for racing, fishing, and just overall recreational use.   SUP Yoga has also become a hugely popular paddle board exercise.


Comparing Different SUP Paddle Boards:

1. Recreational SUP Boards: Ideal for beginners and or experienced boarders that want another option to enjoy being on the water.

2. Racing SUP Boards: This type of paddle board is built for speed, it's that simple.

3. Surfing SUP Boards: Like a surfboard, this SUP is designed to ride the waves.

4. Fishing or Open Water SUP Boards: This is especially designed to go paddle boarding in the open water . This type generally is equipped with a built-in bungee system that makes bringing your gear with you easy so they won't slide off!


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